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So this is happening!

I love my brother, I really do, but damn, his A.D.D. is to much sometimes! Once he latches onto something it's game over. I learned from a early age that when he does that you just have to go with it, because ultimately you end up doing whatever he wanted to anyway. So, when Covid brought me back to the east coast I could see the wheels in his head turning. Then one night we were fixing something in the garage and he was thinking about business ventures for us he stumbled upon a pasta delivery company. He mentioned Pasta Brothers, nah, then out of nowhere he says "how about Pasta Baskets" all I had to say is "not the worst idea ever" Game over! So were doing Pasta Baskets! I am the Chef, my brother Dakota, is the silent investor who is literately never quite. Debbie (his wife) is our unpaid secretary who does the behind the scenes paperwork, we do pay her in free pasta! We are exciting about following in our family footsteps using their recipes, simultaneously trailblazing by creating our own company with our own unique twist. So, Come enjoy this adventure with us.

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